Someone asked Giancarlo Stanton if he’s “embarrassed” to make the money he makes


From the Giancarlo Stanton press conference yesterday:

Asked if he would be embarrassed knowing he earns nearly $70,000 a day under this contract, [Stanton] laughed.

“Embarrassed? No,” he said. “I know I have a lot of expectations I have to live up to, which I’m willing to do. This isn’t like having a winning lottery ticket and ‘peace out.’ You win the lottery and go away, retire. This is the start of new work and a new job for this city.”

Kudos to Stanton for giving a media-acceptable answer to what may have been the dumbest question in the history of questions.

Why does no one ever ask Jeff Loria if he’s “embarrassed” to make the money he makes on the Marlins? Or if Rupert Murdoch is “embarrassed” to make money broadcasting Marlins games on Fox Sports Florida? Or the beer and car companies which make money after advertising to Marlins fans?

This was a dumb, possibly no-thought-out question at a presser that everyone will forget by lunchtime today, but it’s evidence of the deeply messed up idea people have about sports figures and money in this country. And, for that matter, any worker and money in this country.