Report: “There is a 90 percent chance that Pablo Sandoval will sign with the Red Sox”


That comes from Dennis O’Donnell of KPIX in San Francisco. He reports: that Pablo Sandoval is not coming back to San Francisco. Rather, “there is a 90 percent chance that he will sign with the Red Sox.  The other 10 percent goes to the Toronto Blue Jays.”

O’Donnell says that the Giants’ offer was the Hunter Pence deal: five years, $90 million. A deal the likes of which Sandoval wanted last spring, but the Giants would not give him, instead taking a wait and see approach on his conditioning. Now Sandoval wants seven years. One presumes that is either (a) what the Red Sox are offering; or (b) Sandoval wants a longer deal from San Francisco than he might get elsewhere as a result of feeling slighted by the Giants last spring.

That could explain the “respect” stuff his brother was talking about the other day. And it could very well mean the end Sandoval as the San Francisco Giants’ third baseman.