The Dbacks new head of analytics is not your stereotypical analyst


Nick Piecoro of the Arizona Republic reports that the Diamondbacks have hired a new head of analytics. His name is Ed Lewis and he’s not straight from central casting:

Lewis, 66, brings a unique background to the position. He was a veterinarian for 18 years and has traded “pretty aggressively” on the stock market since selling his practice.

He has no actual job experience in baseball operations but he has been a confidant and advisor to Tony La Russa for years. Going all the way back to his days with the White Sox, actually. Back then they were just friends who shared a love of animals. Later, when La Russa went to St. Louis, he began to help out with scouting and analysis and stuff.

I sorta love that this guy is neither your stereotypical baseball man nor your stereotypical analyst. He wasn’t a salaried scout. He isn’t some early-30s data guy who can be made into some “geek” caricature by some lazy columnist. He’s just a smart guy who, for a couple of decades, has been a trusted advisor to a Hall of Fame baseball mind. Now, at 66, he has a formal gig.

Baseball is better when it’s weird.