The Braves are going to meet with Jon Lester this week


The day after you trade away your best outfielder and are rumored to be trading your next-best, and two days after you trade away your starting second baseman, well, that’s a weird day for it to be reported that you’re talking to a top free agent. But the Braves are:

Lester lives in Atlanta in the offseason so you can either look at this as “hey, maybe he wants to play close to home,” or “hey, it doesn’t even cost a plane ticket to set up a meeting, so why not make it look like I’m in even greater demand than I already am.” But given where the Braves are — apparently punting 2015 and 2016 for 2017 — and given that they’re on record saying they don’t want to spend top dollar on free agents this winter, it’s hard to make much out of this.