Great Moments in Grit


I don’t have much to say about this historical tidbit from Tim Hagerty of the Sporting News other than, next year, when some guy comes up short on a fly ball due to what I perceive to be a lack of effort, he’s gonna hear the name B.F. Hicks. An outfielder who played in a ballpark which backed up to a train track. One day, a long fly ball was hit in his direction and then, inevitably  . . .

Hicks took his final steps hearing sirens of shouting. Spectators saw the train’s path converging with Hicks’ path and screamed to warn him. Those same onlookers gasped with horror as Hicks collided with the train.

Amazingly, the baseball was still resting in Hicks’ hand when people ran over and saw his motionless body. He lost his life but not the ball.

Puig would do that. Of this I have no doubt.