Michael Saunders has a new agent


Michael Saunders has new representation with Meister Sports Management, Brandon Meister announced on Twitter.

A player switching representation isn’t normally newsworthy, but in Saunders’ case, it is. Last month, Mariners GM Jack Zduriencik publicly criticized Saunders for missing so much time during the 2014 season due to injuries (an inflamed A/C joint in his right shoulder and a strained left oblique). That didn’t sit well with Saunders’ former agent, Mike McCann, who returned the salvo.

The whole situation appeared to be headed towards a divorce between the Mariners and Saunders. Instead, Saunders procured a new agent. Previous reports indicated that the Mariners were going to heavily shop Saunders, but this could be a sign that Saunders could stick around in Seattle.