Joe Maddon likes his potential replacements


On Friday Joe Maddon offered his view of the guy whose job he took, saying he wanted to be “friends” with Rick Renteria. Over the weekend he offered his view of the people the team he left is interviewing to take his place:

“They’ve created a wonderful list, they really have,” Maddon said. “They’ve given themselves an opportunity to interview some really qualified people and make a typically very good Rays decision at the end of the day. I really believe that. You know it’s going to be well thought out, and they’re going to select a solid candidate to lead.”

With the caveat that I like Joe Maddon as much as the next guy, can we observe that maybe no one in Tampa Bay wants to hear his view about that just yet, just as Rick Renteria may not want to be his friend just yet? Yes, he had the right to leave his job with the Rays and yes, pending MLB’s investigation, he had the right to take the job the Cubs offered him. But maybe some folks are still a bit sensitive about all that.