Candlestick Park to become an outlet center


In case you were wondering about the future of Candlestick Park, the on-time home of the San Francisco Giants, wonder no more. From

San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee is scheduled to make an announcement Monday about the future of Candlestick Park . . . The former 49ers football stadium is expected to become home to a 500,000-square-foot “urban outlet” shopping center, according to the San Francisco Chronicle, and resemble a shopping center much like Santana Row in San Jose.

It’s supposed to be more dense with fewer chain stores, housing and underground instead of surface parking, all of which is more befitting of a city of San Francisco’s demographics and land scarcity. And, with all due respect to the old timers who have inexplicably fond memories of the ‘Stick, it’s probably a way better use for that site than sports ever was.