Tony Bosch said Scott Boras suggested a Manny Ramirez PED coverup. Boras adamantly denies it


Yesterday, Newsday published a report in which Biogenesis ringleader Anthony Bosch claimed that Scott Boras tried to concoct a ridiculous coverup story for Manny Ramirez back in 2009 when he tested positive for PEDs.

Bosch said Boras arranged the meeting after Ramirez tested positive for banned substances in 2009. Boras, according to Bosch, came up with an explanation for the failed test that involved Ramirez accidentally using an elderly uncle’s testosterone cream because he thought it was aftershave.

Boras released a statement thereafter adamantly denying such a thing. Indeed, he says he’s never even met Tony Bosch and never even heard of him until after the Ramirez story broke:

Personally, I tend to take sides of the people who aren’t admitted drug dealers. I also give Boras enough credit to not come up with something so boneheaded in the first place. Actually, the first place I’d give Boras credit is to realize that no excuse, be it plausible or silly, would help Ramirez in this situation given that baseball’s drug discipline system is a strict liability thing which has no room for excuse, by design.

As for Bosch: his life was improved pretty dramatically by dropping the dime on famous baseball figures. Maybe he feels like if he still does it that things will get even better.