Terry Collins expects the Mets to make the playoffs in 2015


He actually said “we should be playing in October,” which, yes, obviously, because the regular season doesn’t end until October 4. But he wasn’t being cutesy about it. He was referring to the Mets playing in the playoffs. Indeed, he expects it:

“We should be playing in October . . . Our young guys are starting to grow, with the addition of some offense, and … we’re not done. I don’t think Sandy by any means [is done] . . . we’re going to make some more moves before spring training starts . . . I think 2015 is going to be a good year for us.”

The Mets are likely to be a popular pick to improve greatly next year, especially if Alderson does add some more offense. The young pitching is fantastic and Matt Harvey is coming back.

For years there has been a call for patience for the team to develop. Collins is no longer content to do that. It could come back to bite him, of course, but for now it has to be encouraging to be a Mets fan and to hear this kind of positivity.