Joe Maddon wants to be “friends” with Rick Renteria


Joe Maddon went on a Chicago radio show yesterday morning and said that he wants to be friends with Rick Renteria. You know, the guy he displaced as Cubs manager.

“I did try to call Rick and I left him a message,” Maddon told the Kap & Haugh Show on Friday morning. “But I have not heard back so that’s where that is that. I’m just looking forward to the moment when I can speak with him, and when I do speak with him I just want him to understand exactly where I’m coming from with this whole thing . . .  In the future I’d like to be able to sit down and talk with him and hopefully we can become friends because I don’t really know Rick but we have some common buds, Buddy Black being one of them and I have heard nothing but wonderful things about him.

“I thought he did a great job last year when the Rays played the Cubs. The one thing I always gauge is how hard the other team plays, and I thought the Cubs played it hard from opening pitch to the last one and I was always impressed with that as well as the youth. So that’s a reflection on the manager. My brief window of being around him last year I thought he did a wonderful job.”

I take his words as well-intentioned. But dude, this is sort of like a guy going to his girlfriend’s ex-husband — the one she was still married to when he started messing around with her — and saying “yo, dude. Why can’t we have beers sometime?” Well, you can’t. Even if they were doomed already and it was your girlfriend’s decision to start seeing you when she was still hitched and even if you genuinely feel bad about how it all went down.

Heck, even if the ex-husband doesn’t bear you personal ill-will and even if he goes on to be happy with someone else, he’s just really, really not gonna want to be your friend. At least not for a good, long while. So maybe, you know, don’t go there. Not yet. Not ever. If he wants to be your friend, I’m sure he’ll know how to find you.