Cole Hamels “would love to be traded” this offseason


USA Today’s Bob Nightengale reports that Cole Hamels would “love to be traded this winter.”

Hamels knows he can’t say a word.

Yet, if his world could possibly be a little more perfect, he’d love to be traded this winter.

He won’t demand a trade, or even complain, but four years ago when he signed his extension, he believed the Phillies would be a perennial power for the life of the contract.

The Phillies are certainly going to shop him. And if Ruben Amaro is realistic about it (i.e. realizes that you’re not getting four blue chip prospects for a guy owed nearly $100 million) he should be moved. Like I mentioned in the Braves post earlier this morning, if you’re going to rebuild, move your most valuable guys and get the most you can. Maybe that’s just one prospect and some role players, but clearing the salary and committing to the future requires you to part with things you love.

The proof of Nightengale’s premise, however, will come if and when Amaro can make a deal. Hamels has a pretty expansive no-trade clause — it’s thought to include 20 teams — but that shouldn’t be an impediment if Hamels truly does want to move on to a better situation.