Chad Billingsley “remains a person of interest” for the Diamondbacks


This sort of makes it sound like Chad Billingsley murdered someone. I’m sorry, allegedly murdered someone. And the Dbacks are the police. Which makes no sense because they fired Captain Towers and Sgt. Gibson back in September. But anyway, I do hope we talk about free agents as criminal suspects more often in the future. Instead of signings we get “apprehensions” and things like that. Hey, we’ve been “kicking the tires” for years. At least this makes them more human.

Anyway, Billingsley is probably on the Dbacks’ radar primarily because the Dbacks GM, Dave Stewart, was his agent until just before he became the Dbacks’ GM. Which makes this all an inside job, see?

Sorry. I can’t stop with this. Here’s Billingsley’s rap sheet for 2014: two starts at Rancho Cucamonga in the California League and flexor tendon surgery in June. He’s supposed to be ready for spring training, but he hasn’t committed any acts of major league baseball since 2013, and has been out of the game in a serious way since 2012. He’s probably hoping, though, that he can come back for one last big score. Because that always works.