Mickey Lolich on comparisons with Madison Bumgarner: “It’s not there.”


Former Tigers pitcher Mickey Lolich notched three complete game wins during the 1968 World Series against the Cardinals. Named the MVP of the World Series, the lefty posted a 1.67 ERA, allowing 20 hits and walking six while striking out 21.

While he didn’t notch three complete game wins, Giants ace Madison Bumgarner drew comparisons to Lolich for winning World Series games 1 and 5 against the Royals, and saving Game 7 with five shutout innings. Also named the World Series MVP, Bumgarner finished with a 0.43 ERA, allowing nine hits and a walk while striking out 17 in 21 innings.

Lolich doesn’t think Bumgarner belongs in the conversation with him, however. Via George Sipple of the Detroit Free Press, Lolich said, “Great for him, he had a great World Series. But as far as comparison? It’s not there.”

Lest one think Lolich doesn’t think highly of Bumgarner, he said he admired the lefty’s breaking ball.

“I did see him pitch in relief and, when I would look up at the TV, I would say, ‘Boy, he had a helluva breaking ball.'” Lolich said. “He was throwing good, getting guys out. It was like, he’s done a good job out there. But I wasn’t engrossed in it.”