The Rays will name 12 candidates to replace Joe Maddon. Which is kind of crazy.


Marc Topkin of the Tampa Bay Times reports that today the Rays will name 12 candidates to potentially replace Joe Maddon. He lists several possibilities and gives a brief summary of what they bring to the table. It’s a useful quick-guide.

But the question I have is why they are interviewing anyone and not just giving the job to Dave Martinez.

Martinez has been the Rays’ bench coach since just after the 2007 season. He was there for the whole Rays Ascension under Joe Maddon and, by most reports, was Maddon’s right-hand man. He has been long talked about as managerial material and has interviewed for multiple top jobs. He is reported to have a good relationship with the players and the front office. I can’t remember anyone ever saying a thing about him other than “Dave Martinez is gonna be a manager one day.”

On a team that would’ve kept Maddon around in a heartbeat and clearly had no desire to change course on the field (Topkin reported the other day that they intend to keep the current coaching staff) how is Maddon’s protege not the one and only choice for the job?