The Padres are bringing in the left field fence at Petco — but only by 34 inches


The Mets aren’t the only ones bringing in the fences. The Padres are too. Except it’s by less than three feet and it’s only incidental to a larger, seating and video board overhaul, not an effort to boost offense:

In order to create better view clearance for the lower seating area, the upper box area will be recessed four feet and raised. That will result in the conversion of 192 existing seats to 111 bar-stool seats along two drink rails.

At the fence itself will be the addition of two rows of seats, which leads to the slight change in the fence in left field, the first modification in that area since the ballpark opened in 2004.

How slight? The fence will come in only 34 inches.

The Padres have brought the fences in before, but that focused on right field. I assume this change will amount to, what, one extra homer a year? Two maybe? If that?