Pablo Sandoval wants at least a six-year contract


Pablo Sandoval is coming off a solid walk year and an excellent postseason, so he’s thinking big as he sets his sights on the free agent market. Like, really big…

Asking for a six-year deal and actually getting one are two very different things. Granted, Sandoval is one of the youngest players in this year’s free agent class at just 28 years old, but conditioning has been an issue for him throughout his career and that makes him a big risk as he enters into his 30s. Still, as we usually see with free agents, all you need is one team willing to take the plunge.

Sandoval batted .279/.324/.415 with 16 home runs and 73 RBI over 157 games this season while finishing with an OPS+ of 111. The Giants would love to keep him, but the Red Sox are expected to be aggressive in order to secure an upgrade at third base. He’s likely to land a contract close to $100 million this winter.