Cubs prospect Kris Bryant did something pretty cool


We have spent some time at HardballTalk this season talking about the impressive power exploits of Cubs prospect Kris Bryant in the minors, but he made news today for doing something that had nothing to do with hitting baseballs very far. It’s still pretty cool, though.

In a story relayed by David Just of the Chicago Sun-Times, memorabilia collector Mike Kennedy was prepared to spend $850 (!) on eBay to acquire a game-used Bryant bat. However, before doing so, he decided to take a shot in the dark and send Bryant a message on Twitter to see if what he was about to purchase was the real deal. Stunned at the lofty price, Bryant told Kennedy that he would send him a bat instead.

Here’s how it all went down:

And here’s the bat, now in Kennedy’s possession:

Now that’s one way to win a fan for life. Well done, Kris.