Tigers could have $80 million rotation even without Max Scherzer


Free agent ace Max Scherzer will soon get a massive long-term contract on the open market, but even if the Tigers don’t re-sign the former Cy Young winner the price tag for their 2015 rotation could approach $80 million.

Justin Verlander will make $28 million, Anibal Sanchez will make $16.8 million, and MLB Trade Rumors’ arbitration projections peg David Price at $18.9 million and Rick Porcello at $12.2 million.

That adds up to $75.9 million and still leaves one rotation spot unaccounted for.

Just to put an $80 million rotation in some context, consider that all of the other four AL Central teams (Royals, White Sox, Twins, Indians) had an overall payroll of $90 million or lower this season.