The Cubs would love to trade for Cole Hamels


Jon Heyman reports that the Cubs are interested in a trade for Cole Hamels. My story about how I am interested in a date with Carla Gugino was bumped for this story.

OK, maybe this isn’t as much of a pipe dream. You’ll recall that the Cubs claimed Hamels off revocable waivers back in August, but the Phillies pulled him back. That showed that Chicago was willing to take on a lot of money for an elite starting pitcher. And it is worth noting that the Cubs have a lot of position player prospects for a now openly rebuilding Phillies team could really use.

Still, I tend to think that the Phillies still think, not unreasonably, that Hamels is still young enough to rebuild around rather than deal. If that’s the case, it may be that Chicago will have better luck on the free agent market trying to woo Max Scherzer or Jon Lester. Still, interesting.