The Blue Jays will play more exhibition games in Montreal


The Mets and Blue Jays played a couple of exhibition games in Olympic Stadium in Montreal last spring and it went over extremely well. So the Jays will do it again next spring:

The Blue Jays are hoping for another home run in Montreal.

The Blue Jays will face the Cincinnati Reds in a pair of pre-season games April 3-4 at Olympic Stadium.

A two-game series against the New York Mets last March drew more than 96,000 fans to the Big O.

In addition to the games, Roberto Alomar, Cito Gaston and former Red and Expo Tony Perez will be feted in pregame ceremonies.

Obviously there are multiple agendas here. For Montreal, it’s the chance to show Major League Baseball that it can be a viable market again. For Major League Baseball, it’s a chance to show cities that may be too slow to give teams new stadiums, new favorable leases and various taxpayer-funded upgrades and perks that the threats of teams moving to another city are not totally empty. For the Blue Jays, it’s a chance to try to create as much of a following in Montreal as possible as a means of establishing a greater claim to the market.

For us: we get to see baseball on Astroturf, which is just weird in this day and age.