The Twins are dropping their pinstripes


Some of my favorite offseason news is uniform news. As in changes to uniforms. The Twins are the first ones to make news in this regard, though it hasn’t been officially unveiled yet. They’re getting rid of the pinstripes on the home uniforms. They will keep pinstripes on those sweet home alternate throwbacks they wear. They will add a gold drop shadow to the “Twins” lettering.

Pinstripes aren’t anything new and gimmicky for the Twins, of course. They had them since the team moved from Washington before the 1961 season and kept them until 1972. That look is the current home alternate look. From 1972 through 1986 they had solid whites, but those were the pullover doubleknit jerseys sans belt. In 1987 they changed back to pinstripes, and have had them consistently since then.

So this will be the first time the Twins will ever have a home uniform without pinstripes in a non-1970s/early-80s style. Which should probably look good assuming that gold drop-shadow isn’t distracting.

Now: if they’d just stop wearing road alternate solid tops, we’d be in business.