Madison Bumgarner wanted to ride a horse in the World Series parade. The cops wouldn’t let him.


This is fun. When the Giants victory parade was getting ready to go on Friday, the police told World Series MVP Madison Bumgarner “if there’s anything we can do for you, let us know.” SFGate reports that he tried to take them up on that offer:

At which point, Bumgarner looked over at the line of police horses and said, “Anything? How ’bout you letting me ride one of them horses in the parade?”

They ran it all the way up the flagpole to the Chief of Police, but ultimately they decided against it. Instead, they let him sit on a horse for a picture, which you can see here.

The issue wasn’t Bumgarner’s inexperience. He’s a country boy who has ridden horses for years. It was more a matter of the rain, big crowds which could spook a horse and the fact that, if the Madison Freakin’ Bumgarner were to fall off a horse and break his elbow or dislocate his shoulder or something, the person who let him do it would probably have to go into witness protection.

I mean, he’s pretty important to the team. It’s not like he’s some third baseman playing out the end of his career here.