Joe Maddon gets a five-year deal with the Cubs


The press conference officially introducing Joe Maddon as the next Cubs manager will go down at 3pm Eastern. You can watch it live here at

In the meantime, we learn of his deal: it’s for five years, the team has announced. The financial side was not disclosed, but it is expected that it’ll be in the $5 million a year range. That’s what Mike Scioscia makes, and the thinking is that Maddon was expecting to be and would be at or at least near that level.

In other news, the most elite, sought-after manager in baseball — the one that a team would cast aside their current manager in order to get — is worth about the same as a decent setup guy. Not an elite one, but a decent one. Probably worth remembering that the next time we go crazy over-analyzing managers and the moves they make.