Statcast: A deeper look at Joe Panik’s amazing double play from Game 7


I wrote on Twitter last night that hopefully Statcast, MLB Advanced Media’s new player tracking technology, would take a closer look at the amazing double-play started by Joe Panik in Game 7. Fortunately, they did. Check it out below:

[mlbvideo id=”36879667″ width=”400″ height=”224″ /]

The thing that I was most interested to see was just how much Eric Hosmer was slowed down by sliding head-first into first base. Now we have our answer, as he lost 2.3 mph and was out by just two one-hundreds of a second. Who knows how things would have turned out if he kept running. Maybe he’d be safe and the Royals would get a rally going. Maybe he’d be safe and nothing would happen. We’ll just never know. But in a game — and ultimately, a series — that was decided by just one run, it’s only natural to scrutinize and wonder.