Game 7 odds: Royals are slight favorites over Giants


Based on the betting odds the Royals are seen as a small favorite against the Giants in Game 7 tonight.

Exact lines vary depending on the source, but in general the Royals are around -140 favorites. Which means to win $100 on the Royals you’d need to bet $140 and the break-even win rate for such a bet would be 58 percent.

By comparison, the same Tim Hudson vs. Jeremy Guthrie matchup in Game 3 of the series on October 24 had the Giants as -125 favorites. That game was played in San Francisco, which is obviously one key difference.

My analysis of this series, and the playoffs in general, has basically been that everything is one big coin clip, so I’m of no real use here. I trust Hudson slightly more than I trust Guthrie, but being in Kansas City is a pretty big factor. What say you, HBT’ers?