Jake Peavy’s son says his dad will buy a trolley car if the Giants win the Series


Last year, after the Sox won the Series, Jake Peavy bought a Duck Boat. You know, one of those amphibious vehicles used for Boston tourism and in which the Red Sox ride for the World Series parade. People had joked that this year, if the Giants win the Series, Peavy might buy one of the iconic San Francisco trolley cars. Yesterday, Peavy’s son — a fifth grader — blabbed that they had already picked one out:

“We kicked around some options on some memorabilia possibly to take home to commemorate this,” Peavy said, “if we are fortunate enough to make it happen.”

That would have sufficed if his son, seated next to him on the podium, had kept his mouth shut.

“We picked out a trolley car,” Wyatt said, quietly.

“I’ll get into that if and when this thing happens,” Jake said, laughing.

“I think we already picked out our trolley car,” Wyatt said, loudly.

While some may call that premature or an act of hubris, I have nothing but sympathy for Peavy here. My daughter is in the fifth grade and I too was undermined by her in such a fashion. A month ago, I was in negotiations to buy my new house. It’s in the same neighborhood as my old one, and after I had looked at it for a second time, my daughter rode her bike by it and told the owner, who was sitting on the front porch, that her dad was definitely buying the house and, by the way, she had already picked out which room was hers.

Peavy may be accused by some of putting the cart before the horse. I probably ended up paying too much for my house due to a compromised negotiating position. In both cases, we can blame a ten-year-old.