On Yoenis Cespedes in Boston: “He marches to his own drum and the coaches all hate him”


From all indications, it sounds like Yoenis Cespedes’ time in Boston is going to be brief.

Acquired from the Athletics in the Jon Lester deal in July, Cespedes has one year remaining on his contract and recently aligned himself with Jay Z’s Roc Nation Sports. This would appear to indicate that he hopes to make a big splash in free agency next winter. However, Bill Madden of the New York Daily News wrote yesterday that the unlikelihood of a contract extension isn’t the only reason the Red Sox will likely trade Cespedes this offseason:

Two other reasons the Red Sox are open to dealing Cespedes are his open disenchantment with Boston and his refusal to pay any heed to their coaches. “He marches to his own drum and the coaches all hate him,” said a Red Sox insider.

Well, that’s pretty harsh. We’re used to seeing the Red Sox use anonymous sources to bash players on the way out of town, but they might have jumped the gun here. It doesn’t do the Red Sox any good to say negative things about him before they attempt to trade him.