Joe Maddon talks about why he chose to leave the Rays

28 Comments’s Bill Chastain caught up with ex-Rays manager Joe Maddon, who explained his decision behind opting out of the final year of his contract and his feelings towards the Rays’ brass after turning down their offer.

Maddon on opting out:

“I know that Matthew [Silverman] reached out and they came up with an offer,” Maddon said. “It did not meet up to what I [wanted] and we came to an impasse. And that happens. There’s no friction between me and him or me and [principal owner] Stu [Sternberg]. I had great conversations with Matthew and Stu, they were very candid and open. I felt good about it moving forward. I hope they don’t feel betrayed, because I don’t feel betrayed by the offer.”

Maddon keeping his ties to the Tampa community:

“Absolutely,” Maddon said. “I’m a big part of the community, I hope that never ends. We have a house, the restaurant is opening up, my wife, Jaye, is talking about opening a boxing-spin studio in Tampa. Love the place.
“There’s no ill will at all. There’s no negative. It’s just a moment that has occurred. We all have to move on at some point. And from all indicators this was my time to turn the page and move on.”

As his agent Alan Nero had said recently, Maddon confirmed he is willing to sit out the 2015 season if he has to in order to find the best opportunity.