Quote of the Day: Don’t mess with Ned Yost’s plan


In Game 3 last night, Royals manager Ned Yost allowed Kelvin Herrera to bat for himself in the top of the seventh inning even after Jarrod Dyson reached on a two-out single. It was an interesting choice with a one-run lead. At the very least, Yost could have had Dyson try to steal second base and bring up a pinch-hitter if he was successful. If Dyson was thrown out, the inning would be over and a pinch-hitter could lead off the top of the eighth. The Giants had some lefty bats due up in the bottom of the seventh, so it was worth a shot. But Yost said after the game that he had no intention of doing that. In fact, he was hoping that Dyson never got on base to begin with. Really.

Yost was apparently content with three runs and was going to rely on his bullpen to protect a one-run lead. Fortunately for him, they continue to make him look good.