“The San Francisco Giants are what the Yankees used to be”


The headline calls the Giants “obnoxious,” and John McGrath of the Tacoma News-Tribune writes that¬†“The San Francisco Giants are a nuisance,” but whatever words are used, his argument is clear: he’s sick of the Giants. For some reason. I dunno, it’s never really clear why he thinks so. He just thinks so. The Yankees comp he throws out is not explained, though, but cut him some slack. He’s on a roll.

He throws any possible criticism of the Giants out there — somehow missing Barry Bonds — in an effort to show how sick he is of seeing the Giants in the World Series. They’re not as cool as they were when Willie Mays played. Their old ballpark sucked and . . . that mattered for some reason. Hunter Strickland is a punk. The Giants have been too good in the past few years. Blah, blah, blah. He does make exceptions, though: Hunter Pence and Buster Posey are “whatever-it-takes gamers.” Whatever the hell that means.

There may be some people who have Giants fatigue out there. I get that. If so, don’t watch the World Series maybe? Or at least try to explain why that matters. Because, really, there isn’t anything particularly loathsome about the Giants. If you think there are you are either a Dodgers fan, in which case you get a pass for rivalry reasons, or you’re stretching.

Whatever the case, this is what happens when someone says “write about the World Series” and you have nothing to say. But, dammit, you’re gonna say something sharp and controversial.