Miguel Cabrera had surgery for bone spurs. And for a stress fracture in his foot.


The Tigers issued a press release today about the health of Miguel Cabrera. We knew he had bone spurs in his ankle. I don’t believe we knew anything about the stress fracture:

Miguel Cabrera underwent successful right ankle surgery to remove bone spurs and to repair a stress fracture to his navicular bone Wednesday afternoon. The procedure was performed by Dr. Robert Anderson in Charlotte, North Carolina. Miguel will be reevaluated in three months.

Three months from now is just a couple of weeks before pitchers and catchers report. So any sort of setback or slow healing from the surgery, and Cabrera could be looking at a late start to spring training.

The bigger takeaway, though is that Cabrera played the last part of the season with a stress fracture. Much the same way he played the last part of last season with injuries. In both cases, it was speculated by some that Cabrera was hurt more than the Tigers said he was. In both cases the Tigers publicly denied it up until the very moment his season was over and he had surgery.