The Cubs’ battle with the rooftop owners may be coming to an end


For years the owners of the buildings across Waveland and Sheffield Avenues from Wrigley Field — the buildings with the famous rooftop views into Wrigley — have battled the Cubs. And at times been business partners of the Cubs. In recent months, they have been potential litigation adversaries, as the Cubs’ plans to renovate Wrigley Field have included elements which would block the view of the rooftops, thereby undercutting the business of the folks who own those buildings.

But now, with the renovation underway, the rooftop owners appear to be giving up. Or, possibly, the Cubs’ ownership has sweetened its offers to them. Either way, as Dave Kaplan of reports, the battle may soon be over and the Cubs may actually end up buying the buildings.

My guess: five years from now you will be able to go to the Cubs-owned “Rooftops Club” and, rather than sit on the roofs and watch the game, you’ll be watching the game on big TVs, surrounded by posh furnishings. Which may or may not be an improvement on what you can do in those buildings now — it has been years since the rooftops thing was some simple, organic experience — but is certainly the way things have been heading in baseball for some time.