Major League Baseball’s PAC has spent more on 2014 elections than it has in any other year


Our friend Nathaniel Rakich has shot us this report based on the latest FEC filings which show where baseball’s political action committee spends its money. And it’s a good bit of money: this year it has spend over $600,000 on campaigns, which is more than it ever has. Even more than in presidential election years.

Why does baseball spend so much money?

It has a stake in heavily regulated broadcast and cable matters, copyright and trademark issues, taxes, alcohol and drug-abuse education and emergency and disaster planning.  From 1989 through June 2014, the commissioner’s office spent more than $3.2 million on lobbying.

Baseball, like a lot of corporate lobbying operations, is pragmatic, not ideological. It spends more on Republicans for House races and more on Democrats in Senate races. Basically, it’s giving money to those currently in power. When the political balance changes, so too will the donation patterns, one suspects.

Anyway, interesting reading if you’re into baseball, politics or the politics of baseball.