Ned Yost totally Yosted a Vida Blue autograph when he was a kid


Joe Stiglich of has a great story about Ned Yost. Yost, who grew up in the East Bay, was a big Giants fan as a kid. But he’d go to more Oakland A’s games as a teenager, sneaking into the Coliseum with his friends and then hanging around for batting practice.

One time, he spied A’s Cy Young Award winner and MVP Vida Blue. So he went to get his autograph. He had it for a while:

“One time Vida Blue was throwing a side session, and I ran down to get his autograph but I didn’t have anything for him to sign,” Yost recalled Monday. “The only thing I had was a dollar bill, so I asked Vida if he’d sign it, and he signed “Vida Blue” on the dollar bill.”

What a cherished possession it was – for about five innings.

“I was the happiest guy in the stadium until about the sixth inning, and I got hungry,” Yost said. “So I spent my Vida Blue autograph on a Colossal Dog.”

I can’t say I’ve ever had a Colossal Dog. Maybe it was worth it. Either way, Blue played for both the Royals and the Giants in his career, so I assume he’ll be on hand for at least one of the World Series games. Maybe Yost can have another go at it.