The Royals and their merchandise


Two unrelated things, each of which may or may not make you roll your eyes at the Royals a bit. First this hat:

Personally, I’d stray away from anything that sounds like the Rockies’ “Rocktober” stuff from years past. I mean, it’s cool to be a team that buzzes through the playoffs like the Rockies did that one time, but then they went and got swept in the World Series, so I dunno.

The second one should help remind you that for all the plucky upstart talk about the Royals and all of the stuff about how they’re not a big market, big payroll team, they’re just as greedy as the next big, profitable corporation:

That’s right: they’re selling you crap out of their recycling bin. If you buy it, well, good for you and all the extra money you have on hand.