No one knows where Jose Fernandez is


Last week it was reported that Jose Fernandez, the highly-touted 26-year-old, had defected. That has not been confirmed, however. All that is known is that he and his cousin, Lazaro Herrera, also a baseball player, have not played or been seen since October 10. It is suspected that they defected, but no one knows where they are. Ben Badler from Baseball America:

Higinio Velez, the president of the Cuban baseball federation, announced Sunday that Fernandez and Herrera have been released from the Matanzas team due to disciplinary reasons. Velez said he could not say whether they left the country or where the players are currently. While multiple well-connected sources said they believe Fernandez and Herrera did leave Cuba, those stories were inconsistent, and Baseball America could not independently confirm Fernandez’s current location.

You’ll recall the harrowing tale of Yasiel Puig’s defection, told for the first time earlier this year. Here’s hoping Fernandez and Herrera are safe.