Mark Teixeira’s outside interests are said to bother the Yankees


I saw this at, but it comes from Wallace Matthews at ESPN New York. Apparently, the Yankees are concerned about Mark Teixerias’s focus:

A baseball insider I spoke with this week said Teixeira’s “outside interests” — he is financially involved in real estate holdings, a chain of juice bars, and is working to create what he called a “marriage of baseball and social media” — had become a point of concern, with some wondering how badly he still wanted to be a baseball player.

This is the team whose starting shortstop was actively launching a publishing imprint and a website during the past season while having a cameraman follow him around for the upcoming book he plans to put out. But I suppose there’s some nuance there that I’m missing which separates the two of them.

In other news, Teixeira is owed $45 million over the next two season. Given his recent injury history and lack of effectiveness, one would think the Yankees would encourage him to find his bliss among his new hobbies so that he may decide to retire early. Or maybe they could encourage him to take up different hobbies. Like extreme, no-parachute sky diving or working as a powder monkey on a ship of the line.

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