Apparently, Sergio Romo still looks illegal to some people


Media day before big events like the World Series and the All-Star Game is weird. All of the players sit at little tables with name placards and the journalists can go up to whoever they want and get a couple questions in and/or shove a camera in the guy’s face. The full-time baseball writers who are at the ballpark at lot tend to watch this more than participate in it. They’ve talked to these guys before and have better ways to get info. A lot of non-sports reporters and local news types show up, though.

And when they do, this sort of thing can happen:

You’ll recall Romo’s fantastic “I just look illegal” t-shirt from the 2012 World Series parade. Which came after he was detained at an airport under controversial circumstances, possible because he was unruly and maybe under the influence (the police’s story) possibly because people in this country have a way shorter fuse when it comes to people who look like Sergio Romo.

Oh well. As for media day: it’s nowhere near as crazy and gimmicky and full of noobs as the Super Bowl media day is, so we should probably be thankful that this is as bad as it gets.