Replay reviews and reversals are down thus far in the post-season


Some interesting data about replay reviews and reversals, courtesy’s Andrew Simon:

During MLB’s first regular season of expanded replay, 1,275 plays were reviewed — either through a manager challenge or crew chief decision. That works out to one every 1.9 games, with 47 percent of reviewed calls overturned. By comparison, there have been nine reviews during the playoffs, or one every 2.8 games, with one-third reversed.

Reviews became even less common during League Championship Series play, with only two in nine games. Neither ruling was overturned. Coincidentally or not, only two of the 14 umpires working those two series were among the 19 officials who had at least 10 calls overturned during the regular season, according to’s data.

Royals manager Ned Yost praised the review system, currently in its first year of implementation, saying, “I think the system’s worked good in its first year.” Yost also praised the umpires themselves.

It’s human nature to not want to rock the boat, but the addition of replay review to baseball has been beneficial on quite a few levels. Some thought that the ability to overturn calls would create too much of a pendulum swing in the context of a “this game could be your last” post-season, but it hasn’t thus far.