AT&T Park’s Gotham Club is ridiculous


The other day, as the NLCS was getting ready to resume in San Francisco, the Post’s Kevin Kernan tweeted a couple of pics from the AT&T Park press box with the clear intent of taunting pampered Yankees fans back home:

The idea, obviously, is that unlike those swells at new Yankee Stadium, AT&T Park was all about baseball fans exposed to the weather, there for the experience and the nuts and bolts of the game.

Well, not all of them. Mike Oz of Big League Stew gives us a tour of AT&T Park’s Gotham Club, and I think we’d be hard-pressed to find a more glitzy and fancy ballpark experience:

It’s hidden in plain sight, but behind that door is a VIP experience unlike any other in MLB. It’s a sort of baseball country club for diehard San Francisco Giants fans who shell out a nice chunk of change for a members-only pre- and post-game hangout space. There’s nothing else like this in MLB, Gotham Club reps say . . . They call this The Game Room, it’s part of The Gotham Club experience, with a two-lane bowling alley, a pool table, vintage arcade games, a bar, black-and-white baseball photos on the wall and music from 60 years ago. The bowling alley, in true baseball fashion, counts mph on each roll.

Mike has a lot of pictures and video of the place. I’ve been lucky enough to be invited into some club level joints around the league, but nothing compares to what they have going on in San Francisco.

Which doesn’t make them any different than a lot of places, even if they do their fancy experience up a little fancier. Most ballparks have this sort of thing happening now. Yankee Stadium is no worse, really. The idea of high roller sections and places for the unwashed masses is increasingly common in baseball parks and, for that matter, society as a whole. Your mileage may vary as to whether that is a good thing or a bad thing.