Will the Rays be able to sign Joe Maddon to an extension amid Dodgers speculation?


As soon as Andrew Friedman left the Rays for the Dodgers yesterday speculation started about Joe Maddon joining him in Los Angeles, but the manager tried to diffuse the situation by saying he “absolutely” wants to remain in Tampa Bay.

However, with just one season remaining on his contract Maddon reuniting with Friedman will be a popular topic unless/until the Rays are able to ink him to an extension. And that’s exactly what Friedman’s replacement, Matt Silverman, wants to do.

In shooting down the idea of the Dodgers trading for Maddon before his contract is up, Silverman told Marc Topkin of the Tampa Bay Times:

Joe’s our manager. I see him here this year, and I see him here for many more years. It’s hard to imagine this club not being managed by Joe. We want him here, Joe says he wants to be here, those are the ingredients for another deal. We’ve had several so far, and I’m hopeful that we’re going to have another one.

Maddon is set to earn $2 million in what will be his 10th season as Rays manager, during which time he’s compiled a .517 winning percentage despite tiny payrolls and tough divisional competition. He seems to genuinely love Tampa Bay and obviously the Rays will do everything possibly to keep him, but what happens if Friedman and the Dodgers decide he’s worth, say, $5 million per season?