We all missed a party at Paul Rudd’s mom’s house. Man.


Every team has some celebrity fans. Usually we don’t hear about them until the team wins, but Paul Rudd and the Royals is something that’s been out there for a while. I vaguely remember him talking about the Royals back when they sucked, so there’s no sense that this is a bandwagon thing. Dude is from Kansas and he’s 45, so he grew up with great Royals teams and stuck through close to thirty years of bad ones. You gotta be happy for him and everyone like him.

Last night he was on the field at Kauffman Stadium after the Royals clinched the pennant. And he revealed his crazy Hollywood plans for the postgame: a party at his mom’s house. And we were all invited:

Here’s hoping he renews the offer for the World Series. And that his mom is out of town again.