Introducing NBC SportsWorld


We have a new site around these parts. It’s called NBC SportsWorld. In the parlance of the times you may refer to it as our “longform” site, but really it’s just a place for longer and meatier stories. Things that, unlike so much of our bloggy output, has a shelf life. Joe Posnanski explains the idea here. At the risk of sounding like a company man, allow me to offer that the site looks great and the stuff that we have up over there so far is really, really good.

Of particular note this morning: Posnanski’s story about Ned Yost and how, despite the slings and arrows he’s taken, he has the Royals on the verge of a trip to the World Series. To figure out how that kind of thing happens, Joe notes, you gotta look at the folks who came before him and appreciate how odd a job baseball manager really is.

Of course there is a lot more over at SportsWorld. My “Baseball Isn’t Dying” post has been moved over there and it’s now much more readable and attractive than it was as a blog post. Posnanski’s stories about Tony Gwynn and Pat Neshek can be found there as well.

Go check out SportsWorld. And give it a follow on Twitter. We’re pretty proud of it.