David Eckstein responds to the baseball blogosphere which has hated on him so


David Eckstein is an odd case. People forget this, but when he was a prospect he was much-loved by the stat-boy set. And throughout his career, he got on base at a healthy clip. It was his playoff exploits that gained him the reputation as a “scrappy” guy — way more the fault of broadcasters and the media than anything he did himself — then people turned on him because, well, I was never really clear on that. I’m pretty sure he was merely a pawn in media/analysis pissing match.

But Eckstein was a fine player. He just didn’t have much power in a power-happy era and no one in the sabermetric world gave credit for durability and defense like they should have back then. It happened a lot back then and it resulted in people heaping hate on Eckstein.

Good thing he’s a good sport about it. Like here, via the MLB Fan Cave, where Eckstein reads some of the hate that was thrown on him by the baseball blogosphere over the years.

*Craig checks to make sure nothing he wrote about Eckstein made the list; sees none did; exhales*

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