Florida health investigator: “Major League Baseball hindered my investigation”


We’ve known for a long time that Major League Baseball purchased stolen documents in its effort to build its case against Alex Rodriguez. We have also heard allegations that MLB’s purchase of those documents hindered a Florida Department of Health investigation into Biogenesis specifically and anti-aging clinics at large. For the first time, however, we now have heard from the lead investigator from that Department of Health investigation and, boy, is he pissed.

His name is Jerome Hill, and he is on public record for the first time via this story at the Miami New Times, the same publication which broke the Biogenesis story. And, to be clear, he is not himself any sort of saint. He’s a rather difficult character, actually — isn’t everyone in this story? — who had a sketchy, violent past as a police officer and who, according to Major League Baseball’s spokesman, has an axe to grind against the league.

Hill, however, insists that not only did MLB buy stolen documents, but that they knew the documents were stolen, contrary to Rob Manfred’s denial during the A-Rod hearing. He says they disregarded his warnings and says flat-out that “Major League Baseball hindered my investigation.”

To be further clear, it’s possible that Hill’s investigation would’ve been hindered one way or another anyway, inasmuch as there is serious resistance on the part of state government to go after shady clinics in Florida, both for business reasons (i.e. the state really likes old people to think they can come there and find the fountain of youth) and because the current state administration’s biggest claim to fame is running against medical regulation of any kind. If you’re a DoH investigator in Florida, you likely have a built-in siege mentality.

Which doesn’t make any of this less interesting reading, of course. It does make one wonder how someone like Rob Manfred could not have been aware of what his underlings pretty clearly were. Indeed, it makes you wonder if he and Roger Goodell went to the same “Not learning the damning things your underlings know” seminar at the Radisson last year.