The Yankees have talked to A-Rod about playing first base next year


If you listen only to the New York columnists you’d think that the Yankees are going to cut Alex Rodriguez the second he comes off his suspension at the conclusion of the World Series. But the Yankees do not, apparently, have any intention of doing so. Indeed, they are already thinking about where he’ll play:

Which makes about as much sense as anything. Obviously they have to figure out third base too, but if they can bring back Chase Headley — or find someone younger and more durable than one can assume A-Rod will be after a year’s layoff — first base would not be a bad landing spot for Rodriguez. Yes, Mark Teixeira is still there but his health and productiveness is no more guaranteed than A-Rod’s. Probably less so. Figure that he, Rodriguez and Carlos Beltran will also see a lot of time at DH.

There’s still a chance that Rodriguez shows up at spring training and is simply not able to play anymore. Or that some new scandal will erupt that will truly represent the final straw. But if that doesn’t happen, it would not be at all shocking to see Rodriguez playing multiple positions in 2015.