The Brewers fire two coaches, but Ron Roenicke to return as manager in 2015


Whenever you have a close-but-not-cigar year that peters out in the end, there will be people calling for the manager’s head. That describes the situation in Milwaukee this season, but it looks as if Ron Roenicke will survive it:


Roenicke, baseball’s 12th most handsome manager heading into the 2014 season, is 335-313 in four years at the helm of the Brewers. By wins and losses, this was his second worst year of the four. By the expectations game, it was a roaring success until, oh, mid-to-late August, with the Brewers defying most experts’ picks and leading the NL Central. Things ended poorly, however, with the bats going cold and the the Brewers dropping out of the playoff hunt.

That late cold stretch is what likely cost Johnny Narron his job. I imagine Iorg was canned as an example to the others because, really, I have no idea what basis there is for firing a first base coach, even if it happens all the time.