It may very well rain in Baltimore tonight. Advantage Orioles?


I’ve seen different probabilities of rain for Baltimore this evening across different weather apps and forecasts this morning. Some are showing a 100% chance of rain throughout game time. Others are showing it as more of a hit-and-miss kind of thing. As my dad, who worked for the National Weather Service for 40 years, likes to say when I ask him what the weather will be: “Hell if I know.”

But if there’s not a washout, there is still a chance of a delay. And Ryan Wagner, the P.A. announcer at Camden Yards, brings up an interesting question:

Gotta be an advantage for the Orioles, right? Buck Showalter showed during the ALDS that he’ll go with Kevin Gausman long if need be and Gausman looked pretty good out of the pen, striking out five Tigers hitters in three and two-thirds innings. Meanwhile, as we all know, Ned Yost is not exactly an expert at the unconventional. He does have Danny Duffy down there, but one wonders if he’d just insert Duffy as a second starter after a rain delay or if he’d start, I dunno, Yosting it up.

Just as a larger proposition, if either team’s battle plan is upset after engagement with the enemy, I trust Buck Showalter to improvise a lot better than Yost.