The Rockies wanted to give Dan O’Dowd a contract extension before he resigned


If you had it in your head that Dan O’Dowd stepping down as Rockies GM was somehow evidence that the team has finally realized that doing the same thing over and over for the past 15 years was maybe not the way to proceed, think again:

Dan O’Dowd knew it was time to move on.

Every job as a life expectancy. His tenure as the general manager of the Colorado Rockies had reached the end.

So when he was offered a multiyear contract extension last week, he told owner Dick Monfort thanks but no thanks. O’Dowd chose to resign. It wasn’t easy. But it was more than money. Things were no longer moving forward, and his value system is such that he wasn’t going to keep a job just to have a job.

So even O’Dowd agreed that things needed to change with the Rockies, but ownership did not. One hopes that O’Dowd’s resignation wakes up ownership and that they don’t just tell Jeff Bridich to “be more like Dan.”